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You and I

I’m not usually one for personal posts obviously geared towards someone else, but I can’t help myself today. 

I was talking to a friend recently about his girlfriend. We  shared some stories and reminisced of our relationships. He has been dating the same girl for about the same time as me and it was one comment that got to me; that made me want to right a brutally, blatant post about my girlfriend. He asked me if I dropped the L word yet, which took me by surprise because no one typically asks that question. But I digress.

I remember the first day, joining that periwinkle circle. I thought you were so cute. Just, so pretty. Immediately drawn in by your sparkling smile accentuated by your abundance of freckles. You had this spirit, this unalterable confidence that I just loved. Nothing, no one was stopping you. And fun. Adventurous. That’s what I liked the most. I liked you and it was mutual but things changed and life happened and we were friends for a year. Through all the excitement and the shit, the good and the bad, we had our moments. I always found myself thinking about that first week of Freshman year. Maybe it is just me but I always felt this strange connection. 

The shit show started into the next year. And I lied to myself. But who am I kidding, I obviously had feelings for you. I pushed passed outward views and advice and found my own voice. I am glad I did because I found someone, for the first time, who brought out the best in me on every level. I finally feel completely comfortable with someone. It’s an amazing feeling. Just being yourself with someone else. A best friend. A person to share my life with and with whom I can lose myself in theirs. And as an added bonus my best friend is beautiful, honestly stunning. I get to kiss her and hold her and laugh with her experience life with her.

I wish the best for her and can’t wait to spend this next school year with her.

My amazing girlfriend.  


My boss called me very professional a few times this week. It was nice but I wish I could say the same for him. After rescheduling the shoot twice for today he tells me he can’t film because he forgot about a radio show he had to do. So we pushed the time back yet again. Then I get a call from him saying he isn’t film ready because he decided to have a few drinks. Canceling a shoot because of alcohol is just ridiculous. You complain to me that we aren’t getting enough work done. I wonder why.